5 Ways to Elevate Your Coffee Table

Spark conversation with exciting coffee table decor—from flowers and books to layering trays and crystals!

5 Ways to Elevate Your Coffee Table

Spark conversation with exciting coffee table decor—from flowers and books to layering trays and crystals!
Photo by Anna Pou

Coffee tables can easily be overlooked as a place to rest your feet or put your snacks and beverages on while watching TV — but don’t be fooled! As they are typically situated in the center of your living room, your coffee table can be one of the best spots to let your personality and creativity shine. 

Here are five great ways to spruce up your coffee table and make it the perfect conversation starter. 

Show Off Your Favorite Books

For avid book readers, you can show off the best (or the most aesthetic) reads in your collection by laying them out tastefully on your coffee table — plus points for hardcover copies! You can stack or fan them out to add dimension and even keep one open for a more lived-in, just-fresh-from-reading look.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more minimalistic look, you can choose one book you love and add some extra decorations, like plants, small figurines, or candles. Take it from Kapitbahay Rea, whose picturesque living room features a self-made coffee table (beautifully crafted using garden concrete from @nordicnest and Valchromat) with a simple yet classy arrangement that gives the space a more elegant feel. 

Art, Film, & Fashion Books

If you are interested in the arts, adding art books to your coffee table is perfect for showcasing your creative side. Fully Booked stores (and their online shops on Lazada and Shopee) have a great selection of art books on classical artists like Van Gogh, Matisse, and Dali, to name a few. 

In addition, you can also find a variety of art books on popular Japanese animated films, like works from Studio Ghibli, Satoshi Kon, or Makoto Shinkai, and other films from Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. You can even pick up art books on popular video games — so much to choose from!

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling particularly fashown, you can display your favorite designer brands with fashion books — like Kapitbahay Leila

However, if these books are out of your budget, you can always elevate your space with decorative books. While these are purely for show (‘wag masyadong mag-expect; wala talaga silang laman ah!), they still do an excellent job of showing off your personality and making your coffee table come to life. 

Accent with Small Trinkets

Another great way to elevate your coffee table decor is to add trinkets. These can be figurines you’ve collected, abstract sculptures, decorative jars, trendy candles, toys (ilabas na ang mga Smiski at Sonny Angel budols!) — you name it. Place them on top of your book stacks or cute trinket trays.

You can further accentuate your coffee table with table runners for an extra “oomph” factor.

Add Some Greenery

What would a coffee table be without some cute flowers or plants? 

If you’re not too keen on maintaining actual plants, you can always find some artificial plants to add a pop of color to your coffee table without the commitment of caring for them. You can try artificial succulents, flowers, and even bonsai trees on their own or mix and match for dimension.

pastel artificial flowers in a vase
Photo by Aiyie Lim-Valdez

For instance, Kapitbahay Ayie did a beautiful job with their flower arrangement, using faux flowers in lovely pastels to bring their Boho vibe together. Peep their DIY coffee table — can you believe na gawa siya sa gulong? Such a creative transformation! 

Flower Vases

If you don’t want pre-potted plants or flowers, you can find plenty of vases online to add a more personalized, creative spin to your arrangement. Plus, they’re still stunning to look at on their own.

Add a feminine touch to your living room with body-shaped vases, or go ultra-trendy with quirky vases. Or, if you’d like something to fit your Nordic theme, a simple, wrought-iron vase will be a gorgeous addition to your home. You can also try geometric styles or transparent glass picks, both lovely designs to go with minimalist homes. 

Invite Good Vibes with Crystals

Whether you believe in the benefits of crystals or not, they are undeniably pretty. You can get a single large crystal tower, ball, or geode and let it shine on its own, or pick out several crystals that speak to you and arrange them on a visually stunning trinket dish or display stand.

You can also explore using a Himalayan salt lamp to be your coffee table’s centerpiece!

Serve with Style

Of course, even though coffee tables are great for decorating, they should still be functional. Make sure to have enough space for its intended purpose: coffee and snacks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t snack in style! 

Organize your yummy treats and serve your guests with style by adding some chic trays. The best part? You can also use the trays to neatly keep magazines and other decorative items on the table to add a layered look.

Rattan trays are stunning picks for those on #TeamKahoy or those going for Boho-chic. Or, if you want something sleek but simple, Muji-esque wooden trays are another great option. Alternatively, a gold-stripped glass tray will fit the bill for those looking for a luxurious feel. 

And, to add even more sosi vibes, decorate with ceramic or glass fruit bowls or even a tiered snack display for that fancy, high-tea-in-the-afternoon feel.

What other coffee table decor do you love? Share your coffee table arrangement on our Facebook page!

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