Playdates to Real Estate: Kapitbahay Kayeann’s House Glow Up

Take renovation notes from this amazing childhood home transformation by Kapitbahay Kayeann!

Playdates to Real Estate: Kapitbahay Kayeann’s House Glow Up

Take renovation notes from this amazing childhood home transformation by Kapitbahay Kayeann!
Photos by Kayeann Picache and Renz Victor Picache

Shoutout sa mga kapwa naming sentimental diyan! Most of us have a special place in our hearts for our childhood homes. We love looking back at memories of growing up, from the stuff on our bookshelves to the creak of the floorboards. Sadly, not all good things last forever — even our old homes. 

But wait lang — that doesn’t mean they’re gone! Sometimes, we just want to give them a new beginning. Enter siblings and Kapitbahays Kayeann Picache and Renz Victor Picache, who turned their old, humble abode into a more meaningful space with refreshing minimalist decor. Take a page out of their book for A+ home decor ideas.

A Shared Dream Turned Reality

Since they grew up alongside their grandparents, Kapitbahay siblings Kayeann and Renz Victor had fond memories of their childhood home in Olongapo, Zambales. Somewhere along the line, the idea of renovating it became a shared dream for themselves and their beloved lola

The makeover was a long-awaited effort, but it sure was worth it. “In God’s perfect timing, He will make things happen,” said Kapitbahay Kayeann. “Finally, my dream home renovation for my lola is now a reality!”

We can only imagine what it felt to see such a dream materialize. An old home, only 50 square meters, had undergone a dramatic transformation with thoughtful, minimalist interior design. Sobrang achieve, ‘di ba?

This achievement was not lost among our Home Buddies, who quickly shared the sibs’ pride and joy. Kapitbahays Kayeann and Renz Victor’s posts each garnered thousands of likes and congratulatory messages. “This is so inspiring. Ang ganda kahit small space,” said one of their fellow Kapitbahays. And from another: “Lola must be so happy.” We couldn’t have said it better.

Get Inspired: Home Decor Ideas for Your Renovation Projects

There’s little wonder why the Kapitbahay sibs’ neutral color palette and contemporary interior design was an instant hit in our community. Alam niyo naman that we’re suckers for this vibe — simple, yet classy. 

We’re sure, kayo rin, excited na to give your homes a makeover like theirs. Here’s a roundup of some dupes based on the pics they shared. 

Love is a Laminated Door

Photos by: Kayeann Picache and Renz Victor Picache 

First of all: that eye-catching, laminated door in the living room. Ugh, who else swooned? We know we did (kaway-kaway, Team Puti apologists). Plus, that diamond pattern is the perfect mix of lowkey and unique. For us, though, the best part about this door is that it’s practical. Presko since it’s open, but since it’s laminated, there’s no need to worry about mosquitoes and other nasty bugs.

Finding doors like these with a contemporary feel was challenging. But we luckily stumbled upon some stunning options — one of our top choices a white, laminated screen door from Wilcon. Buti na lang accessible, noh? Be sure to visit your nearest branch to explore similar options.

Lighting up the Room

Lighting tends to be an afterthought during home makeovers. But our Kapitbahay sibs knew better. So, to give their main area a luxe vibe, they installed ambient cove lights, which we’re absolutely living for.

If you’re unsure about what they are, cove lights are subtle lights built above ledges. So, ang nangyayari, the room gets a soft glow instead of a bright, glaring one. It sets a moodier tone and gives you more energy-saving options. Lakas maka-sossy, right? You can try something similar for your home with lights from Lunaryx Lighting. 

Another lighting level-up tip is to add pendant lights in your kitchen area. Typically, they’re placed above counters or islands for instant illumination. Kapitbahay Kayeann and Renz used these brass ones, complementing the rest of their minimalist decor. (More tips on lighting and home decor ideas here.)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

What’s a universal finishing touch that can never go wrong? One word: mirrors. They brighten the space, serve as statement pieces, and play up dimensions. Plus, they come in many styles, so you can always find something that matches your interior design.

Once again, let’s look at the Kapitbahay siblings’ pick for inspo. This long landscape mirror in their dining room adds dimension and matches the color of other fixtures. Talk about attention to detail!

We found a dupe for that affordable yet bonggang mirror, thanks to seller samstar on Shopee. Kahit ano mang pick mo, it won’t look out of place. You can get it in a white, black, gold, silver, or mahogany finish. You’ll find something that’s perfect for you — whether you’re Team Puti, Team Kahoy, or a little bit of everything!

Ready na for Your Home Revamp? …Not So Fast

As expected, our Kapitbahays’ success stories inspire us daily. But with this newfound inspo, remember that creativity is just a part of it — you also need to mind the practical details.

Before giving your house that glow-up, remember to:

  • Set a budget, and follow it closely. We know nothing ever goes according to plan, so make sure you have enough for emergencies.
  • Research things yourself. Even if experts surround you, it will help you a lot to know your own project. Malay mo, may part pala sa decor process na kayang-kaya mong gawin on your own. Let’s go, #TipidTips!
  • Start small. Home makeovers are exciting, and we know it as well as you do. But there’s no need to go big or go home. Just start with something manageable, then work your way from there.

And because we know you’re itching to get work done, we’ve got more tips for renovations and blunders to avoid. Don’t forget to make a quick checklist before you start!

More Home Decor Ideas with Home Buddies

We hope our iconic Kapitbahay duo gave you some inspo and drive for your own home improvement project! You can find more stories (and kabog makeovers) in the Home Buddies community.

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