Here Are the Craziest Bouquets We’ve Seen on Home Buddies!

Who said bouquets had to be just flowers? Not our Kapitbahays!

Here Are the Craziest Bouquets We’ve Seen on Home Buddies!

Who said bouquets had to be just flowers? Not our Kapitbahays!
Photos by Heidi Hernandez, Lorelin Feliciano Sia, and Katrina Jimenez Bolaños

Making your partner feel special, cherished, and seen is what Valentine’s Day is all about — and bouquets are a great way to achieve that! However, as with everything, di parepareho ang ating mga gusto when it comes to gifts. Some partners may love flowers, while others may not. If your partner is the latter, worry not — may paraan pa rin yan! 

Get inspired by these not-so-usual, super creative, and timeless bouquet ideas that our Kapitbahays shared over the years to make any day feel like Valentine’s Day for you and your partner.

1) The Boozy Bouquet

Classy na may kasamang alak ba kamo?  This bouquet received by Heidi is so sakto for your chillnuman Valentine’s Day date (for those of legal drinking age only and in moderation lang ha — stay responsible, mga Kapitbahay!).

While this particular bouquet was a gift to Heidi’s husband on a different occasion, we still think it would make a cute, out-of-the-box gift idea for partners who enjoy their booze. Plus, since the flowers won’t wither, you can rearrange them after you’ve finished your alcoholic surprise for a stunning house decoration. 

If you want fresh flowers in your boozy bouquet naman, check stores like and Liquor Bouquet PH.

2) The Buffet Bouquet

Kung ayaw naman ng partner mo ng flowers in the first place, this yummy alternative may be right up their alley.

Kapitbahay Lorelin says it best: “Yung may bouquet ka na, may pa-merienda ka pa!” This incredibly unique Valentine’s Day idea is the perfect appetizer for a romantic dinner date later on the day, with various tasty snacks like fish balls, kikiam, kwek-kwek, and even a whole burger. 

The best part about this gift idea is that you can customize your snack bouquet according to your partner’s tastes. Sky’s the limit regarding snack combinations you might want to try. A bouquet of nuggets, Pinoy street food, chicharon — so many delicious possibilities! 

But if gusto mo naman na gawa na yung food bouquet mo, consider Facebook stores such as Food Bouquet Delivery and Honey & Hive Food Bouquet MNL who can make arrangements with various chips and other snacks. 

3) The Chef's Bouquet

Does your partner have a passion for cooking? How about gifting them a practical kitchen-tool bouquet inspired by Kapitbahay Katrina’s gift to her mom? This cookware bouquet would also be a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for partners na medyo baguhin pa to cooking or may not have their own complete cooking sets yet. 

Of course, you may need to decorate the bouquet to figure out how best to arrange the various tools, pans, and utensils, but the results would be worth it. Just imagine how nakakagana cooking will be with a brand-new, matching cookware set!  

4) The Practical Bouquet

This next unique bouquet idea comes from Kapitbahay Lorelin once again, who was gifted a bouquet of new undergarments — ang taba ng utak ni hubby ha! As we get older, sometimes it’s genuinely more exciting to get practical items (such as this bouquet of undies) as gifts to save us the money and hassle of going out to buy them on our own, so winner na winner itong bouquet saming mga ayaw lumabas! 

Plus, this idea works with other necessities as well! You can try making bouquets of briefs, handkerchiefs, socks, t-shirts — you name it! But if you want this exact bouquet shared by Lorelin, you can find it on Rstuff Gift Shop on Facebook.

Photos by Gladys Alarcon, Eraiza Acbang Ramos, Chiz Curlz, and JL Peña

5) The Build-Your-Own Bouquet

If your partner is the type na nagagandahan sa flowers pero ayaw niya pag namamatay, then gift them with wilt-proof, forever (toy) flowers! You can find plenty of building block bouquets from LEGO’s Botanical Collection or even online shops like F.L.B. on the orange app.

Perfect pa ‘tong gift for any occasion — maski Valentine’s Day man or any other special day of the year — especially for those that love to stay in, kasi may flowers na, may memorable bonding activity pa. The best part? Your partner will always have fresh-looking flowers to come home to and admire every day. Ang sweet!

6) The Crochet Bouquet

Another adorable idea for forever flowers is this crochet bouquet created by Kapitbahay Eraiza — alam niyo na kung kanina kayo mag DM! With various flower designs to show off, there’s no shortage of cuteness here with Eraiza’s talents. 

Conversation starter pa siya when you display this bouquet in your home! Just remember to give it a wash every now and again to keep it looking bright and pristine.

7) The Gulay Bouquet

This next bouquet is perfect sa mga health enthusiasts dyan. Ika nga, “Health is wealth!” Give your loved one the gift of good health for Valentine’s Day with the most masustansyang bouquet made with their favorite gulay, like Kapitbahay Chiz (hindi po Escudero — charing!)

You can definitely create your own with veggies you know your partner will love, pero kung gusto mong hassle-free, you can also look at online shops like The Sexy Chef, Flowers Express, and even Dizon Farms.

On the other hand, kung ayaw naman ng partner mo ng gulay, try refreshing fruit bouquets instead! You can find fruits like pineapples, oranges, and strawberries cut and artistically designed into flower-esque shapes in stores like Fruiquet and Fruits in Bloom, but you can also get traditional fruit-basket-type bouquets (don’t worry, may mga bulaklak pa din sila) on Flowerchimp and Flowers Delivery Manila.

8) The Asim-Kilig Bouquet

Baka naman gusto niyo ng bouquet na kumpletong ulam na? This sinigang bouquet by Kapitbahay JL is beyond adorable — especially sa mga sinigang connoisseur dyan. Much like the above gulay bouquet, you can easily make this yourself with your pick of meat and veggies from the supermarket or palengke. Then boogsh, may pang dinner na kayo agad, mga mhie!  

If you have any unusual (but totally adorable) bouquets you’ve seen or received, let us know on our Home Buddies Facebook page! Excited na kami to see them.

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