Fun Activities With Your Family to Make Leap Year Count

The extra day we all wished for is here!

Fun Activities With Your Family to Make Leap Year Count

The extra day we all wished for is here!
Photo by Marjoree Quicho Caballero

“That extra day of the year is always so special,” said no one ever. Charot lang — if you think you’re past the age of enjoying something as mundane as leap year, we’re here to challenge that. Ika nga nila, every day is precious. We’ve got to take advantage of an extra day of the year, not ignore. 

While the world outside is business as usual, we at Home Buddies have different ideas. Minsan lang naman ‘to, so why not spend it with our loved ones at home? From creative projects to tawanan moments, here are some one-day (i.e. night) activities you can try with the fam. 

Tabletop Game Night

If your family is competitive at heart, this is something you don’t wanna pass on. Everyone loves good tabletop games — from the classic Monopoly to a deck of cult-fave Uno cards. For some of us, it’s an essential pastime with friends, but we’ve got to give our family a chance to beat us, too! Look for timeless games that everyone of every generation can enjoy. If you want a more conventional twist on the usual Monopoly or Scrabble, try board games like Codenames or Clue.

Pro tip: Avoid those with vulgarity, violence, and any other topic you wouldn’t want your family to discuss. Put away your Cards Against Humanity deck unless you’re sure you’re ready to open some awkward can of worms with the fam. (Bawal pa rin if there are kids, though!)

Garden Picnic

Bring out your picnic blanket and favorite snacks — it’s time to turn your cottagecore Pinterest aesthetic into reality. Use your beautiful garden with a pika-pika dinner or some midnight snacks together. Alternatively, if you have the space and tools, start a hotdog and barbecue cookout — anything na masarap papakin.

If you don’t have a huge outdoor space, kaya pa rin ‘yan. Take the picnic indoors by setting up a cozy spot in your living room or on a balcony. Spread out a blanket, arrange some cushions, et voilà, your picnic is all set! 

Indoor Camping Fun

Photo by Jigz Santiago

It’s time to put that old, unused tent to good use again. Don’t have one? You can still improvise — as long as you have blankets and pillows you can turn into a fort, you’re ready for a scouting adventure. As a finishing touch, hang LED lights on the ceiling, para kunwari, may stars. 

Of course, it won’t be a camping sesh without food! Roast marshmallows over the stove and munch on your fave snacks. Plus, from one guardian to another: You can seize this opportunity to know your kids more by engaging in heart-to-heart convos under the glow of “the sky.”

Cook-Off Challenge

Hell’s Kitchen got nothing on you once you and the fam come face-to-face in a cooking competition! If you’re a fan of those cooking challenge shows, it’s about time you star in one. Divide yourself into teams (sans the judge) and turn the kitchen into a battlefield. Better if you assign themes, a dish, or a course so there’s a system running in place. Syempre, don’t forget to buy a timer! 

Lutong bahay is the best, especially if it’s made with love. And, if this is your gig, don’t forget to film the commotion so you can turn it into a vlog! Now you can LOL at the chaos that commenced during that time of friendly competition. P.S. It’s a great way to document the good recipes, too. It’s also something you can share with the Home Buddies community!

DIY Home Care

All right, we’ll be the first to admit that home improvement projects aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to family R&R. But who could pass up an extra day as an opportunity to improve our homes? Not us, that’s for sure! As seasoned Kapitbahays, sanay na tayo to turn any chore into a fun, productive memory.

We already gave you a few suggestions here — from growing a garden to painting a mural — but the idea of a clean home is just as exciting for us. Add a twist and develop simple cleaning systems to make it feel less of a chore. For example: Set a points-and-reward system! (But don’t make this a habit; you wouldn’t want to condition the kiddos into thinking that cleaning begets rewards.) Alternatively, let them play any music they want, so they can turn it into a semi-dance party.

Movie Marathon

Everyone loves a good movie night! We do it during dates, we do it during sleepovers — so why not do it, this time with the fam? If anyone else deserves our time during laugh trips, tearjerkers, and shrieks, it’s them. We suggest a projector para todo vibes, but if you don’t have one, you can just put the good ol’ TV to good use. 

If you have access to streaming services, you have thousands upon thousands to choose from. Narrow your choices by planning ahead and thinking of a genre. Comedies, family musicals, animation, horror, you name it — as long as it’s with family, enjoy ng lahat. And if bitin? Easy enough to have another round of movie marathons on any other weekend. Yay for more bonding time!

Get More Bonding Ideas with Home Buddies Kapitbahays

That extra 24 hours counts big time. These days, most of us rarely get opportunities to spend meaningful time with our family. We’re lucky that 2024 provided us with just that. Whether claws come out or someone laughs until they cry, you’ll share a precious core memory with your loved ones. Who knows what fun you can discover — it might turn out so well you’ll want to turn it into a tradition!

How do you spend extra days with loved ones? Let us know at the Home Buddies Facebook community!

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