7 Budols That Our Kapitbahays Will Surely Love This 2024

It's not too early to treat yourself with Budols this year!

7 Budols That Our Kapitbahays Will Surely Love This 2024

It's not too early to treat yourself with Budols this year!
Photos by Frances Cabatuando, Ria Mercado, Mary Bautista, and Louie Lyn Briz - Muyrong

Happy New Year, Kapitbahays! 

As your virtual neighborhood buddies, we must remind you that a new year equals new budols. And who are we to stop you from treating yourself when you absolutely deserve it (just kidding, please checkout responsibly)? Rest assured, we’re doing this out of love — we’re not here to be enablers. 

That being said, we’d love to give you a headstart on all the lovely things you just got to have. From charming finds to practical items that might make your life easier, here’s a rundown of some amazing home decor and appliances you’ll fall for in 2024.

Calendar, Not Clutter!

Some people think physical calendars are laos na, but we couldn’t disagree more! Whether you’re displaying them in your living room or home office, calendars are cute additions to your desk or wall. However, making the wrong design choices (or relying on the ones you randomly get for free) can make them seem baduy, so they tend to go un-displayed.

As with anything, the trick is to look for a design that fits your aesthetic. For example, fabric wall calendars are unique enough to stand out, but also stylish enough to go with anything. Bonus points if it’s cute, like the ones made from katsa fabric. Not only is it pretty and functional, it’s also on the eco-friendly side. Anything for Mother Earth!

Peach Fuzz Patrons

ICYMI: Pantone’s Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz, which Pantone describes as “a fresh approach to a new softness.” The past few years, we were all about neutral, cool tones, and while we still love them, warm colors are also a welcome change. Thankfully, Peach Fuzz is unique but muted — it’s not too plain, but not too matingkad either. 

This light, contemporary color goes well with any aesthetic, so even if you’re #TeamMinimalism, you can still incorporate it into your decor. For instance, peach cotton bed sheets would add bonus points to your comfy bed. If you want to go for a subtler route, try adding the color as accessories — it’ll also do well as throw pillows or a rug.

Time to Get Moving

Kaway-kaway sa mga ka-workout buddies! Keeping your mind and body healthy is a great New Year’s Resolution, and that, of course, can be achieved through proper diet and regular exercise. So, if that’s your resolution this 2024, we’ve got some handy recommendations to add to your cart. 

The Xiaomi Walking Pad Foldable Treadmill was recommended back in 2021 by Kapitbahay Mary Bautista. It was a total lifesaver during quarantine, but we’re bringing it back to fashion. After all, staying healthy will never go out of style! But what makes this ten times better is that it’s foldable, so it won’t obnoxiously take up space in any room. Plus, it’s easily controllable via app. Talk about convenience!

Multi-Use Machines and Mixers

We’ve talked about saving space in your ref for the post-holiday season rush, as well as keeping your kitchen organized. As you may have guessed, practicing minimalism and being clutter-free in the kitchen is no walk in the park. But it’s not impossible — you just need to have a cleaning routine and find more ways to optimize space.

This is why we’re more than excited to discover this 4-in-1 handheld blender, thanks to Kapitbahay Louie Lyn Briz - Muyrong. Yes, you read that right — it’s a four-in-one, do-it-all kitchen gadget. You can use it as a whisk, food processor, blender, name it. The best part? It comes at the price of one! You get to save not only space, but also money. Double bingo.

Coffee Corner

Are you a caffeine connoisseur? We love our fair share of it, too. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, kape is the way to go. Having a dedicated coffee corner in the kitchen is easier said than done, but if you’re (yet again) running out of that precious space, French press coffee makers are the way to go.

A French press is a nice addition, even if you already have an espresso machine at home. It’s still as easy to use, plus it adds a richer, earthier flavor than your average cup of coffee. Make sure to pair it up with quality coffee beans and estetik mugs while you’re at it.

Letting the Light In

living room with light bar
Photo by Frances Cabatuando

The best way to make a house feel like a home is to invest in light. Whether you’re a fan of brighter spaces or more subdued, cozy corners, looking for the “right” light is a non-negotiable. Buti na lang, we have Mayora’s recos to the rescue — like this gorgeous, low-commitment magnetic light bar.

If you’re too anxious to commit to lighting fixtures, this light bar is the ideal solution. As Mayora said, it’s renter-friendly, so it gets big bonus points for being able to be moved around. It’s perfect for spotlighting artwork or personal photos, or if you just want to shed some light (literally) above your work table. 

Finds for our Furry Friends

Would we let this list pass without something for our beloved pets? Of course not! As much as we love treating ourselves, we love treating our furbabies more. Their comfort matters just as much as ours. So why not give them a home within a home? Think of it as giving them their “own” room (parang anak talaga, eh).

There are tons and tons of beautiful pet houses on the market. You can even find unique ones made with rattan, buri, and abaca, and other #TeamKahoy-approved finds. We’re sure your furry little friends will love it just as much, too!

More Budols to Come from the Home Buddies Team

The only constant thing in the world is change… and our love for home budols. It may be a new year, but we’re the same old us — here to share your enthusiasm for your home and help you look for new things to add to your cart. 

Hang out in our Facebook community for more A+ budol recs — most of them tried and tested by your fellow Kapitbahays.

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