Black and White Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Kapitbahay Cherry Mae proves that you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a stunning bathroom renovation.

Black and White Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Kapitbahay Cherry Mae proves that you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a stunning bathroom renovation.
Photo by Cherry Alejo

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? And no, we’re not just talking about that iconic Princess Diaries scene. We’re also talking about home renovations, which are always fun projects to pursue. Indeed, most of us would love to turn a fixer-upper around. But there’s always that one problem: Ang mahal magpa-renovate! 

We’re here to break that myth—because we know you can accomplish an incredible renovation without breaking the bank. Don’t believe us? Ask one of our Kapitbahays, Miss Cherry Mae Patao-Alejo, who did it through smart budgeting, determination, and diskarte—case in point: her incredible journey to turn her bathroom into a true monochromatic haven. With tiyaga and enough inspo, you can do it, too.

The Transformation: The Dream Black-and-White Bathroom

Bathrooms (“comfort rooms” or CRs to us Filipinos) are susceptible to damage because of how much we use them daily. Think about it: How many times do you — and your family members — use the sink? Go to the toilet? Wash up in the shower? So, of course, it’s only natural that the longevity of your bathroom fixtures is much shorter than other appliances in your home.

Ayun nga lang, when the need for change becomes undeniable, the opportunity for a makeover presents itself.

The secret is not to think of renovation as a chore, but as a passion project that lets you play around, be creative, and allow your home’s personality to shine.

So, when Kapitbahay Cherry Mae saw that her bathroom needed a transformation, she wasted no time getting it done. The result? A three-square-meter, black-and-white bathroom of her dreams. It’s simple yet elegant, filled with trusty Wilcon fixtures, hand-picked online finds, tons of effort — and just the proper budget.

The Labor of Love: “A Relaxing Bathroom”

Stains from hard water became too much of an eyesore, even with endless scrubbing. An awkward shower area and toilet placement made it even more unsightly. This prompted Miss Cherry Mae to finally pursue a makeover.

‘Eto ‘yung madalas gamiting CR ng mga bisita,” she said, referring to her first-floor bathroom. “Para maging kaaya-aya at malinis tingnan, it’s time for a makeover.” She opted for a black-and-white theme, accented with green from refreshing botanicals. From floor to ceiling, you can tell that Miss Cherry Mae really put a lot of thought into their renovation just by the color scheme.

Photos by Cherry Alejo

According to her, all those eye-catching accessories—from the fake plants to the towels—are from Lazada and Shopee. The fixtures, like the sink and toilet, are from Wilcon. And the aluminum door is from Facebook Marketplace. The lesson? You just need to know where to look. No joke, ang laki ng matitipid mo.

Speaking of tipid, you’ll never guess how much the whole renovation cost. Miss Cherry Mae shared that a transformation this bongga only totaled PHP 85,000. (And that includes labor, too!) While, yes, this still requires some saving up, it’s really one of the best deals you can get. Especially in this economy? Huwag na siyang i-let go, bes.

Bathroom Renovation Tipid Tips 

So, how can you maximize your resources on a limited budget? Diskarte lang yan. Before you start, prepare a quick checklist of what you must do. 

Prioritize and Plan

Identify the key aspects that require your attention. Is it the tiles? Stains and molds? Toilet or faucet issues? Make a comprehensive list and start from there. This will help you allocate your resources better and help you become more mindful of your budget. The non-critical aspects can come later on after you sort all your priorities out.

Focus on the Fixtures

At the end of the day, the functionality of your CR should still be the top priority. Most of your budget should be allocated to fixtures, which is your primary goal in renovating. Look for modern, budget-friendly alternatives for the toilet, faucet, towel racks, and lighting. Ensure that your replacements are as high-quality as you can get within your budget para pangmatagalan. But remember, there’s still “fun” in “functional”!

Be a Bargain Hunter

We’ve all been in that situation — find something at SM for PHP 2,000, then go on Shopee to see the exact same thing for PHP 500. Syempre, when you’re on a budget, it’s best to go for affordable! Kapitbahay Cherry Mae got all her accessories from Lazada, Shopee, and Facebook Marketplace. It’s more convenient to shop online anyway; there are many online shops at your fingertips. (Oh, ‘di ba, makakatipid ka pa sa gas.) 

Accessorize with Attitude

It’s all about the details, because details make perfection. Adding the right accessories and decor is key for the picture-perfect CR. The right touch will fill your space with personality, whether it’s just a shower curtain, charming wall art, or colorful towels.

Add other valuable items to the mix, such as storage boxes and hand-soap dispensers. Don’t forget the plants (real or fake), so you can soothe your plantita (or plantito) heart.

This is the time to really experiment with color schemes and interior design techniques. After all, accessories cost a lot less than the fixtures. When something doesn’t work, try again. ‘Eto na ang time para magpabudol sa Shopee at Lazada. 

Forda Luxury Ang Ferson!

Once your renovation project is done technically and functionally, it’s time for the fun part: making it super arte. Since you’ve already renovated (congrats!), what’s stopping you from going super bongga? We’re talking scented candles, body oils and treatments, and bathrobes on display. You don’t even need a bathtub—you just need to stimulate the spa vibes. Oh, ‘di ba, parang sauna lang.

Discover More Renovation Inspirations with Home Buddies

Just like Kapitbahay Cherry Mae, you, too, can accomplish the bathroom renovation of your dreams. Di mo na kailangan ang Property Brothers, andito naman ang Home Buddies. Charot!

If you’re looking for a sign to pursue a renovation project, this is it. Start by checking out more inspo when you join our Facebook group or follow us on Instagram. And if you do pursue a renovation project, please share it with our community—we’d love to be a part of it!

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