Home Improvement Blunders You Need to Leave in 2023

Steer clear of these common home-improvement mishaps.

Home Improvement Blunders You Need to Leave in 2023

Steer clear of these common home-improvement mishaps.
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Kapitbahay, we’re just like you — any home project keeps us on our toes. But sometimes, we become too excited, get ahead of ourselves, and fall into chaos. And just like that: another home project gone awry. Sayang sa effort, sayang sa pera, sayang sa oras. Thanks, but no thanks!

So, right in time for the New Year, we’re giving you a handy guide on what to avoid for your upcoming home renovation project(s). Jot them at the top of your New Year Resolutions list so we can manifest it together: Your home will look better than ever in 2024! 

Nagpadala sa Tiktok Trends

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Kaka-cellphone mo ‘yan … or so our mothers love to remind us. And most of the time, they have a point. We’ve all been in that boat: Ang cute ng design hack na nakita natin sa Tiktok. They’re usually deceptively simple, too, requiring just two or three things. Ta-da — your dream mural right at your fingertips! Tama?

Teka lang. Before impulsively painting your walls with a toothbrush or turning your coffee table into a jungle, remember that not all trends are meant to be followed. Sometimes, the only thing that stands between us and a decision we won’t regret is the deception brought about by social media. So don’t fall into that trap! Huwag laging pa-influence sa FYP — trust your gut when it comes to your home.

I’m Just Winging It!

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Step one: Realize that your home is in need of a renovation. Step two: Reach out to your contractor. Step three: Let the renovation commence. And you lived happily ever after. In your dreams! In reality, we know too well that home renovations are hardly ever that simple. 

Do you head into battle without a game plan? Of course not. That’s also how it is for our renovations. Before you even get in touch with your contractor or check out potential furniture pieces, devise a plausible strategy. Focus only on the areas you want to renovate, ensure all your measurements are correct, and look for the right fixtures. Saka na ‘yung kaartehan. Fun as they are, home improvement takes a lot of effort. Huwag mong sayangin by not being prepared.

Bahala Na Ang Budget

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Unfortunately, home renovations cost a lot of money. And, even more unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. We get it, though — it’s a slippery slope getting swept away in all the improvements we can make. But losing sight of the budget? That’s one of the biggest blunders we can make!

Syempre, it’s understandable not to be able to follow your budget to a T. But at the end of the day, remember it’s there for a reason. Making room for adjustments in case of emergencies is a good call, but that’s not an excuse to ignore your budget. “Nandito na rin tayo, eh ‘di let’s go all the way” is not a smart move! At this point, we should know better than to get blindsided and waste our precious pesos.

Not Talking to the Right Contractor

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Here’s the tea: Not all good contractors make a good match for your home improvement project. It’s so easy to jump on the bandwagon to find the most popular contractor in your area, or find out who your friends have worked with. But you can’t call it a day just yet.

When pursuing a home project, you and the experts you work with will be the dream team. So hindi lang basta-basta ‘yan! Before you finalize a deal, canvass all the available professionals in your area. Evaluate their past projects, work ethic, skill level, and whether or not swak sa budget. Only then can you ensure that they’re the right match for you.

(P.S. We talked about this with an engineer from the Home Buddies community. Learn everything you need to know about hiring the right contractor here.)

Quality Whomst’ve?

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We’re all guilty of being bargain hunters — a lot of us are always on tipid mode as a result of being budol kings and kweens. But should we apply this principle when you’re pursuing your home project? Pwede naman — as long as you don’t miss out on quality. 

One of the biggest shopping blunders we make is compromising quality for affordability. (P.S. This applies to our daily lives, too, not just our home renovations.) Then again, who says “low quality” and “cheap” have to be synonymous? You just need some shopping diskarte to bank on high-quality items without breaking your budget.

In retrospect, though, walang pagsisisi diyan. The less wear-and-tear an item has, the more likely it will last a long time. So you don’t have to spend so much on maintenance, repairs, and operational costs. (Instead, you can use that money for more home projects and budols. Werk.)

Slacking Off on Safety Precautions

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Safety is another thing na lagi nating binabahala. Sa sobrang busy ng renovations, we sometimes find ourselves taking shortcuts in the safety department. Also, the chances of accidents are often dismissed. But when the moment arrives and safety precautions are treated as an afterthought, there’s potential for real harm — and that’s the last thing we want in our household.

Make sure to bring this up with your engineers and contractors during the building process. If you live in a condo unit, it’d also be helpful to review the building’s safety policies. Taking precautions during times like these is totally non-negotiable when we live with malilikot na kids or pets!

Not Managing Your Expectations

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We all know the golden rule: Manage your expectations. We’re familiar with that scenario already — go on a super-exciting venture, only to turn out that it wasn’t giving the way we wanted it to. But sometimes, it’s good to step back and evaluate: Was it really bad, or were we just expecting something else? It might be time for a reality check.

Wala namang masama sa pag-expect, of course. But we need to welcome adjustments so that if things take an unexpected turn, disappointment doesn’t rain on our parade. Home renovations are meant to be enjoyable — don’t allow the sting of what-could’ve-beens to overshadow your pride!

Learn More Home Improvement Hacks with Home Buddies

Mapa-minor or major improvement pa ‘yan, we all want the best for our houses. So avoid unnecessary hassle and gastos by making sure you’re on the right track. Leave behind all the mistakes and regrets in 2023 — it’s a new beginning. (And that means new home projects, too!)

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