How to Use Green in Your House Decor for a More Serene Home

Create a tranquil home atmosphere with the power of green.

How to Use Green in Your House Decor for a More Serene Home

Create a tranquil home atmosphere with the power of green.
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There’s nothing better than relaxing after a long day of work. But, for those who live in big urban spaces, R&R sessions are few and far between. Sa air pollution pa lang, mga bes, walang wala na tayo. Thankfully, we can work our way around it in our households.

Integrating green elements into your living space not only adds a touch of nature into your home but also has therapeutic benefits to help you relieve stress and feel more calm, relaxed, and connected to nature.

Syempre, home is where you rest, so filling it out with things that elicit positive feelings is the best self-care. And what gives off more positive vibes than the soothing color of nature? Incorporate green in your home so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy an oasis in the middle of your big-city dwelling.

Turning Your Home Into Total Paradise

Nature is an undeniable source of inspiration that never goes out of style. Even in modern-themed households, you’ll still find plants and flowers in pots. Why? Because we crave that feeling of freshness that only comes from nature. Even something as simple as walking in a park counts as a self-care sesh. 

Actually, some researchers think that our positive response to the color green is an instinct we’ve developed from evolution. Green is the color of thriving environments and a sign of abundant vegetation, which means our ninunos felt more secure. This explains our natural affinity for the color today (or maybe, maganda lang talaga siya tingnan).

Unfortunately, we see so little of it in our immediate environments now. Swerte na lang tayo if there’s even a nearby open park to walk around. The next best thing we can do is incorporate it into our homes–and it’s so easy to do! Here’s your ultimate guide to going green in your household.

Real Potted Plants

A lot of us are plantitos and plantitas for good reason. Plants are among the easiest and most beautiful home decor items you can have. Table looks empty? Lagyan ng halaman. Corner needs some oomph? Lagyan ng halaman. Room looks soulless? Lagyan ng halaman. Since plants are living things, they breathe life and fresh air into any space. 

But for some of us who aren’t blessed with a green thumb, taking care of plants can be daunting, especially if we live in condos or apartments with little to no direct sunlight access. But we’re here to bust that myth ‘cause you can cultivate lush and healthy plants — even in high-rise settings! 

Photo by Katrina Gale de Guia

Just remember to do your research beforehand. Remember, all plants are built differently. Some are more uhaw than others, so you must water them more often. Some plants love light, while others are like vampires: too much sun and they die. Here are some plants that will grow, even in dimmer settings. 

Lucky Bamboo

Beginner plantita ka lang ba? Lucky for you (pun fully intended), lucky bamboos are beautiful yet easy to care for. It thrives even in minimal-light conditions because, as in nature, it prefers a lighting level like that of shadowing canopies in the forest. Lucky bamboo is a great addition to office desks and tabletops, even if you’re nowhere near the sun.

Golden Pothos

This gorgeous, bright-green plant will do great in bright, indirect light and tolerate even low lighting conditions. In fact, too much light and masusunog na ‘yung leaves niya, so it’s really best to keep it indoors. P.S. If you’re also makakalimutin in watering, golden pothos are ideal because they only need to be watered every one to two weeks. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are also “eternity plants” because they’re believed to live forever. This only means good news for you: They won’t die easily, even if you don’t have a green thumb. ZZ plants do great in any room with indirect sunlight, but you’ll still see their distinct oval leaves flourish even in lower light levels. 

Peace Lily

One word: flowers. We love them! While we often don’t consider growing them indoors, it can be possible. Take peace lilies, for instance, which only require moderate indirect lighting. They’ll grow best in settings near windows, but they can still grow even in a dim room. You do have to be patient to see its beautiful white flowers, though. 

Chinese Evergreen

This beginner-friendly plant is perfect for adding lush, tropical vibes to your home. Chinese evergreen plants (aka Aglaonema) thrive in medium to low light settings, and harsh sunlight will burn, melt, and turn their leaves brown. They love warmer climates like ours so that the sweltering heat won’t be an issue.

Snake Plant

This unique-looking plant is super ideal because, for one, it matches well with any interior decor style, and  it does excellent even with low upkeep. Bright, indirect light is ideal for snake plants, but they can tolerate higher- and lower-light conditions. Just make sure not to shock the plant by suddenly exposing it to the sun's rays.

Your options are endless, but your research won’t end there. You need to be mindful of other important factors, especially those that affect your lifestyle. Some plants, for instance, are toxic to animals. So, knowing which plants to avoid is necessary if you’re a furparent with kulit furbabies. 

Fixtures, Furniture, and Abubots

The color green comes in various hues. You can opt for dark or muted, warm greens. The former is great for moody, dramatic, opulent vibes (a la rich lead in a teleserye), while the latter will make your space more soothing and relaxing. When in doubt, go for muted hues like sage or tea green, ‘cause mas madali silang ternuhan.

You can start by deciding on a statement piece. This has to be prominent in the room–dapat makikita agad when someone enters. This uber-pretty IKEA loveseat, for instance, is an excellent starting point for your living room. For your bedroom, try soothing green bedsheets or moss-green curtains.

How to Accessorize

Next step: Add the abubots! There are lots of fun ways to go about this. The first is to go for other greens — this time, small decor only para hindi overwhelming. Tabletop figures, vases, and even trays are always accessible and foolproof.

Option number two is to surround your green centerpiece with more of nature’s colors. Blues, warm browns, yellows, and whites are standard shades in landscapes, which means they go well with green. Create your color scheme by mixing and matching these shades with your statement piece.

Accent Walls and Patterns

Pro tip: Accent walls are always a winning idea if you want extra personality in your interiors. Plus, who doesn’t love DIY projects? Accent walls are doable if you want to get creative (or are in #tipidmode).

Look for inspo on Pinterest boards or even from Kapitbahays on our Home Buddies page. The possibilities are endless, from a solid color to leaf patterns or even a full-blown painting! Imagine your eye-catching wall paired with many plants — it’s the maximalist dream. 

#GoingGreen: The Perfect Color for Your Home

The love for green tones and nature-inspired interiors has been trending for a while now. Sino ba namang ayaw sa oasis, ‘di ba? Sobrang sarap kasi sa mata if you do it right. Even if concrete buildings in our daily lives surround us, it's paradise, at least when we get home. (Bonus tip: Level it up with nature-inspired scents like this para feel na feel.)

Have a green home? We’d love to see it — share it with us on the Home Buddies Facebook page.

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