Invite Prosperity with these Chinese New Year Must-Haves

Say goodbye to malas and hello to swerte this 2024!

Invite Prosperity with these Chinese New Year Must-Haves

Say goodbye to malas and hello to swerte this 2024!
Photo by Marlon Garcia

Kung Hei Fat Choi, mga KapitbahayI Whether or not you celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s never a bad idea to invite joy and prosperity into our homes. This year, it’s the Year of the Dragon, which means auspiciousness and fortune are at the top of the game. Papalipasin pa ba natin ‘yan? Not when we need every bit of good luck!

Here are some malas-proof ways to prepare your household for Chinese New Year. 

Celebrate in Lucky Colors

Nagtaka ka ba ever na bakit puro red, yellow, and green ang bet na kulay sa Chinese New Year? Hindi lang siya style, mga Kapitbahay! There are special meanings to these colors that make them staples in Chinese culture. 

So, if good luck and fortune ang hanap niyo, here are the top, pinaka-pinaka-swerteng colors you can use around the home for this special celebration.

Firstly, red represents fire and symbolizes happiness, beauty, good health, luck, and fortune — essentially, lahat ng gugustuhin natin in life. Because of this, you’ll commonly see the color red popularly used during festivals, weddings, and other important celebrations. It is also why angpaos (a.k.a. Chinese red envelopes, often used for aginaldo and gifting money) are red in color: to wish all the good fortune to those who receive them. 

Yellow, on the other hand, is the color related to the earth element, as well as royalty and power. In ancient times, yellow was the “it” color, specially reserved for the emperor and their homes — from yellow-glazed tiles to imperial robes to carriages. Ika nga ng Coldplay, “It was all yellow!” 

Lastly, we have green, which (as you may have guessed) is the color of wealth. But wait, there’s more! Aside from wealth, green represents fertility, healing, hope, harmony, and growth — plus, it’s the color for the celebrated Wood Dragon as green represents wood! As 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon specifically, this is a good time for new beginnings, self-reflection, and all-around asenso for everyone!

Get Your Home Ready for Chinese New Year

Nakaayos na ba lahat ng Lunar New Year preparations niyo? Aside from adding the lucky colors to your home, dagdagan pa natin ng mga symbolic items na nakaka-attract talaga ng good energy — no room for bad vibes here! 

Chinese Zodiac Symbols

Sa kwento ng Chinese Zodiac, where the Jade Emperor told twelve animals to race across the river, the mighty Dragon prioritized helping villagers and the Rabbit, kaya sa ending, fifth place siya nakatapos. O diba — hindi lang strong, powerful, and wise, kundi kind and noble pa! Now that’s the energy we want to manifest for 2024.

Thankfully, it’s easy to incorporate dragons into your home to invite the tenacious energy of the dragon into your life. 

Photo by Marlon Garcia

Check out how Kapitbahay Marlon Garcia arranged their setup: Siyempre, ang pinaka-bida dito ay ang swerteng-swerte na golden dragon, surrounded by vibrant reds and similar gold accents Below it, of course, are nonnegotiable for Chinese New Year: lucky round fruits (tangerines for luck and happiness, and grapes for abundance) plus a pot of gold coins (for good luck and fortune).

However, if you don’t want to go all-out like Marlon, placing other dragon symbols, such as figurines and paintings, can still help bring in the dragon’s good fortune. 

For example, pwede kayong gumawa dragon paper art with your family to hang inside your home. Or better yet, kung medyo bongga ang gusto niyo at swak naman sa budget, magpagawa kayo ng dragon paper art kay Kapitbahay Donard Sape — luxurious, sobrang ganda, and pwede pang i-display any time of year, even after Chinese New Year is over. 

Another cute example you might love is the LEGO® Spring Festival Auspicious Dragon figure which you can easily find on the Toys “R” Us official store on the orange app: pampa-swertena, may bonding activity pa kayo with the family.

Red Lanterns

A little illumination goes a long way, but the warm glow of red Chinese lanterns goes a mile. These lanterns are patok not only because they’re unique, elegant, and instantly recognizable, but they also drive off bad luck. Plus, because of its red color, alam na natin na bet na bet ang mga energy that we invite with it. 

Of course, you can DIY these lanterns if you want to, but you can also find them readily available online. If you want something na medyo kakaiba naman this year, you can also try Chinese lantern fairy lights available on WPOSTAR sa blue app.

Pro tip: Hang these red lanterns in front of your door to keep the malas at bay!

Fai Chun (Calligraphy Banners and Scrolls)

Don’t know how to spell it out? Say it with words — literally. Traditional Chinese banners and calligraphy scrolls are popular during Lunar New Year since they’re a straightforward way to invite good luck; express mo lang yung gusto mo for the coming year! 

You can start with the traditional chunlian, specially made for Chinese New Year. Hung along door frames, these banners contain couplets that welcome spring and well wishes for the new year. When you write, you can take inspiration from existing couplets.

You can hang fai chun in any part of your home, but all the better if it’s in a more prominent area. After all, these are statement pieces. Banners and scrolls may be a tale as old as time, but they will always and forever be an iconic part of Chinese traditions.

Jianzhi (Chinese Paper Cuttings)

You’ve probably seen them at weddings and festivals as a symbol of blessings. Chinese New Year, of course, is no exception.

Meaningful? Check. Aesthetically pleasing? Check. Contemporary? Check. We’re talking about jianzhi (a.k.a. Chinese paper cuttings). This traditional folk art involves cutting paper into intricate, decorative designs. These designs may vary but are typically of plants or animals that symbolize various things. For example, you can create paper cuttings of peaches to symbolize longevity or a mandarin duck for love (para sa mga single and ready to mingle dyan!).

You can buy these beautiful patterns as decor and stickers online. Alternatively, you can buy DIY ones, too! This can even be something you do with the kids para mas-special. Decorate the finished product on windows, walls, or even as table centerpieces. 

Do you need help finding calligraphy banners and paper cuttings? Try visiting Ongpin Street in Manila for your Chinese New Year needs.

Symbolic Flowers

We usually utilize flowers during special occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays. And now, you can display them during Chinese New Year, too. Bakit naman hindi? Everyone loves flowers!

Aside from being pretty, each flower carries its own meaning. Plum blossoms are popular for the Lunar New Year since they represent perseverance and purity. Narcissus is another one that blooms in the springtime and represents accomplishment.

Although admittedly, baka mahirapan tayong hanapin yung mga bulaklak na di naman suited to the Philippine climate; however, we can still find a wide assortment at tried-and-true flower shops around Manila, such as be beloved flower district of Dangwa, located in Sampaloc — a Pinoy go-to na pinagpupuyatan talaga for flowers na super fresh and, most of all, super worth it. 

However, if you’d prefer to stay home and have flowers delivered to you, you can also try popular online shops like, Flower Chimp Philippines, Island Rose (who also do mixed bouquets despite the name),, and even Dangwa Flower Delivery.

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Home Buddies Kapitbahays

Remember, we celebrate this occasion to honor a shared culture. Preparing for Chinese New Year should be fun, but it should also pay homage to your roots. Treat this tradition with the love and reverence it deserves. And, of course, make sure your home adequately reflects that love!

Wish us a gong xi back at the Facebook community — we’d love to celebrate with you.

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