Green House: Amazing Alternatives for a More Eco-Friendly Home

2024 is all about going greener!

Green House: Amazing Alternatives for a More Eco-Friendly Home

2024 is all about going greener!
Photo by Lily Tan Chua

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the Four Nations lived together in harmony. Then, climate change happened, and we’ve never been the same. Needless to say, the past few decades have taken a toll on our beloved Mother Earth, and it’s about time we step up. We may not be the Avatar, but in our own little ways, we can contribute to her healing.

When talking about big challenges like this, it’s only fitting to start with something we can control: our lifestyle and habits. While we might not have the power to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions single-handedly, we can still make a difference in our homes. This means embracing even the smallest lifestyle changes, whether upgrading your appliances or minimizing waste. Trust us, Kapitbahay — your life will change for the better!

Wala Nang Plastikan

Single-use plastics are the bane of our existence. They’re harmful to the environment and contribute to the growing pile of kalat in the kitchen. The only thing stopping us from kicking them to the curb is that they’re so cheap and convenient.

Luckily, there are tons of good alternatives nowadays. Instead of single-use plastics, store fruits and veggies in reusable silicone bags. They’re not just environmentally friendly, they also add an extra layer of protection para fresh pa rin ‘pag magluluto. For trash bags, consider paper bags or oxo-biodegradable alternatives (though take that with a grain of salt — it’s still a form of plastic, but it’s a step up from the usual). 

Solar Power

Sa Pilipinas, pasikat lagi ang araw. (Pun not intended.) But let’s cut Mr. Sun some slack — he could be our ticket to cheaper electricity bills. Solar energy has started to gain traction among us, and our Kapitbahays are hopping on the train. Maybe it’s high time you consider joining the bright side, too.

Unlike other usual energy sources, solar energy is renewable and produces little to no air or water pollution. ‘Yun nga lang, the downside is the initial cost. As with most tech, it’s typically more expensive, from material to installation. But think of it in a long-term sense — it’d still be a total win kasi bababa ang monthly electricity bills. It’s a switch that’s totally worth it if you ask us.

And if you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, try solar tech, like these innovative outdoor lights (as recommended by Kapitbahay Carissa Javier). It even has a motion sensor feature! Saan ka pa? Effective na, tipid pa — both sa energy and bills.

Tubig Tipid Mode

Water is our most abundant natural resource, but remember: It’s not infinite. Sadly, because it’s available to most of us, we tend to take it for granted. But let’s not forget how much we need to conserve! We can easily make changes that turn into habits if we practice them long enough. Simple things like not letting the sink run habang nag-to-toothbrush, shortening your shower time, and using a tabo can make a difference in our lives.

If you wanna take it up a notch, switch to appliances that focus on water conservation. Automatic washing machines, low-running faucets, and dual-flush toilets can significantly reduce water consumption. Many of our Kapitbahays have made the switch, and they even attest that it’s more tipid that way!

I-DIY Ang Kalat

Photo by Miko Aya Currimao

Kaway-kaway naman sa mga madaling mabudol diyan. We love budols as much as you do, but at the end of the day, you’re adding another thing to your household. At some point, we need to dispose of the things we no longer need. But hold that thought — kailangan ba talagang dispose agad? Think of the many ways you can reuse them! You just need some creativity and tiyaga.

From the packaging to the things you no longer need, there’s always a way to turn them into something new. Sayang naman if diretso sa basura, right? Take a page from our Home Buddies’ books and do some DIY on what you’d call trash. It’s a win-win moment: Your waste is reduced, and you can accomplish a fulfilling home project.

Guilt-Free Gadgets

Our appliances are absolute necessities, but they’re energy vampires. They’re often the culprits of high electricity bills. You won’t consider it while using it, but the regrets start to set in when we get to our billing date. Think about using your ref, aircon, or washing machine — and the cash (and energy) they’re devouring. 

The obvious lifestyle change, of course, is to cut back on their usage. Pero, let’s be honest, it’s not always doable, especially when the init levels are off the charts. Buti na lang, there’s inverter technology to the rescue! Not only do they consume less energy, they also translate to lower electricity and operational costs. 

Curious about how much energy your appliances actually consume? See Home Buddies’ aircon and energy calculators to put your fears to rest.

Go Green Inside

As plantitos and plantitas at heart, you knew this was coming. We love our fair share of greenery inside the household. Plants just make everything more gorgeous and feel more presko. Plus, they go well with just about any style of interior decor! Even if your home is boho or modern, adding a plant will just add to its charm.

Even if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, some plants thrive without much heavy maintenance. From lucky bamboo to pothos plants, you’ve got tons of options to choose from. So, wala nang excuses! Adding plants to your home will fill your surroundings with much-needed fresh air. (Learn more tips about it here.)

Get More Eco-Friendly Ideas with Kapitbahays

Let’s face it — Mother Earth deserves a break, and so do we. Our beloved planet has been through a lot, and it’s about time we give it the love it deserves. So let’s start easy: from the comfort of our own homes. During this process of making a difference, we also make our households more beautiful. For us Kapitbahays, that’s a winning feeling already!

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