Happy New Year: Hilarious Moments From Our Home Buddies Community to Ring in 2024

There's no better way to start your 2024 than laughing about it!

Happy New Year: Hilarious Moments From Our Home Buddies Community to Ring in 2024

There's no better way to start your 2024 than laughing about it!
Photos by Frances Cabatuando

Budols, tips, and home flexes aside, there’s something we love above all else about our Home Buddies community: Your sense of humor! Join us as we kickstart our 2024 with the most nakakatawa moments (and even funnier comments) from our Kapitbahays that will make you laugh — we’re sure of it! 

Happy New New

Starting the new year with the funniest epic fail: the “Happy New New” and “Happy Year Year” tandem shared by Mayora Frances from Kapitbahays Sharlaine and Kate. While they may not have gotten the decorations they wanted, at least pareho silang happy, diba? 

Our suggestion is mag-exchange gift na lang kayo to complete the set for next year!

Don’t Worry, Be Hapey

May “Happy New New” at “Happy Year Year” na nga, nakisawsaw pa ‘tong “Hapey New Year.” Nakakaloka!  

While these funny posts found by Mayora Frances in the Home Buddies community and comments section are perfect for a great laugh, some purchases are genuinely meant to be a learning experience. Don’t forget to check reviews before buying just in case others have encountered similar issues (and leave reviews to avoid buyer’s remorse for our fellow Kapitbahays!). Sharing is caring — para lahat “hapey!” 

Photo by Jericho Geronimo

Excited Ka, Mumsh?

Another funny find comes from the comments section of Mayora’s post. If you’re like the original poster of this meme shared by Kapitbahay Karen who received a 2027 balloon set instead of 2024, worry not! Isipin mo na lang na inagahan mo for next, next, next year! 

But it’s the replies here that are the real winners. Kapitbahay April has a quick fix, saying, “Lagyan na lang ng -3.” New year celebration na, may math lessons pa. 

Kapitbahay Fer chimed in with a silly quip for this our newfound time traveller. “Balitaan niyo na lang po kami sa kaganapan dyan sa 2027 para aware po kami.” LOL!   

Eh Tapos Na

The comments section says it best: it’s better late than never! But what if you received your New Year’s decorations late, like Kapitbahay Jericho? Blossom’s big-brain comment is key for saving you the hassle when the holidays come around again: “At least next year, number 5 na lang kulang niyo.” 

Jericho could follow Pat’s hilarious advice for the most intensive future planning ever: “Save niyo po for 2042.” It’s the #TipitTip we never knew we needed. 

Cupid Ba Kamo? 

Alexa, cue Rihanna and Calvin Harris’s “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” because 2024 is the year of love — Mayora Frances made sure of it! With over 10,000 comments for nominations and self-promotions on Mayora’s matchmaking thread, we’re excited to see what kind of love stories blossom from the comments section. 

If you took part, balitaan niyo kami! You know we love a good chika!

The New Prosperity Bowls

Are you ready for more super kulit posts? Let’s look at some of the most LMAO-worthy prosperity bowls from the Home Buddies community! 

Defining Prosperity Bowls

But first, what is a prosperity bowl? For those unfamiliar with the concept, preparing a prosperity bowl for Media Noche is a unique Filipino tradition that combines the holiday spirit with Chinese culture. According to The Chinese Zodiac website, these bowls are typically filled with items representing hope, abundance, and good fortune for the coming year.

The prosperity bowl is created by filling any big bowl with rice grains and various charms, such as paper money, eggs, gemstones, and more, symbolizing prosperity. This concept stems from the Chinese money-bar-shaped basket. Prosperity bowls typically have different meanings depending on the charms that you use, which you’ll also see in the silly examples below! 

For example, a prosperity bowl may contain oranges, tangerines, and several ang pao envelopes to invite luck, fortune, and happiness in Chinese culture. Meanwhile, their prosperity bowls in India may contain lentils, spices, and flowers, usually linked to fertility, health, and beauty. 

For us Pinoys, we typically mix and match. Some may have oranges and rolled-up money sticking out of the rice, while others may have eggs and coins — pwede din lahat-lahat! Think of it as a “You do you” kind of DIY bowl here, with influences predominantly from Chinese culture. 

Now, onto the main course: our Kapitbahays’ taba-ng-utak prosperity bowls!

Photos by Frances Cabatuando, Jen Nie

One in a Million

The question on everyone’s mind: sinong may milyones sa GCash?! What an absolute flex! This Kapitbahay took the prosperity bowl further — a completely 2024-coded, digital take on an old tradition. Kulang na lang mga QR code for bank transfers. Charing! Cheers to receiving millions in all of our GCash accounts and San Mig for all of us! 

Sweet Loving

If 2024 doesn’t turn out to be the best year for relationships for you, maybe a spicy (if you know what we mean) prosperity for next year would do the trick — para ready for anything, diba? You never know; maybe 2025 is your year for love (and more). 

Hallyu New Year

Are you a die-hard K-Pop stan? Kapitbahay Aiza got the right idea with her NCT prosperity bowl. May your biases be prosperous and healthy (and may you meet them in person). We’re manifesting concert tickets and the realization of your delulus with you, mga ka-K-Pop.

Simplicity is Best

Kapitbahay Andrea said it best: “Hindi tinipid pero tinamad.” This super simple prosperity bowl by Jen is the definition of the “pwede na yan; ganun din naman eh” mindset and we’re so here for it. With this prosperity bowl, we hope the new year brings you full bank accounts, great credit scores, and all the savings — dasurv na dasurv!  

Stay tuned for more community news, funny moments, proud achievements, and top tips on the Home Buddies blog.

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