Inspiring Ideas for Your Aesthetic Bathroom Transformation

Elevate your bathroom's look with these chic decor tips from our Kapitbahays.

Inspiring Ideas for Your Aesthetic Bathroom Transformation

Elevate your bathroom's look with these chic decor tips from our Kapitbahays.
Photo by R Architecture

Taas-kamay naman sa mga mahilig sa transformations! All of us love a good makeover story — it’s why we binge all the makeover episodes of Drag Race (guilty as charged). As devoted aficionados of all things home, renovations hold a special place in our hearts, too. 

So, if you’re gearing up for a bathroom renovation journey of your own, consider yourself lucky! We’ve curated some fab banyo lewks from our very own Kapitbahays to ignite that spark of creativity. Give your bathroom that super-dasurv glow-up with these amazing (and doable!) design ideas.

A Diamond in the Rough

Photo by Dhanna Remulla

After watching home renovation videos and being inspired by Home Buddies posts, Kapitbahay Dhanna Remulla finally saw an opportunity for a makeover: a bathroom outside their house, unused for decades. She decided to turn this old, neglected space into something completely fresh.

It wasn’t a smooth journey, according to Kapitbahay Dhanna. Most of it was sariling sikap since there was no contractor-and-architect duo to the rescue. (She did get some help from a trusted carpenter, though.) But, as it turns out, her first-ever venture into home transformation was a success despite the headaches. The result is a well-blended mix of #TeamKahoy, #TeamPuti, and #TeamItim aesthetics. A touch of artificial plants — both potted and hanging — completed the polish.

Retro Dreams

Photo by Teresa Arlyne Dimacali

Who else is head over heels for the fabulous 50s? Check out Kapitbahay Teresa Arlyne Dimacali’s posh bathroom — a mix of vintage kilig and contemporary elegance. To achieve this, she blended neutral colors with light and dark wood accents. But the ultimate retro touch is the set of unique black and white rugs (lakas maka-OG Barbie, i.e., her iconic bathing suit way back in 1959). 

Want your bathroom to look this sossy? Focus on classic color palettes, such as muted pastels and earth tones, and make it feel more authentic by scouting vintage accessories from ukay. And lastly, don’t underestimate the power of greenery — a snake plant, like Kapitbahay Teresa Arlyne’s, will freshen up any space. (P.S. It’s also super easy to care for!)

Monochromatic + Minimalistic

Photo by Aizel Docog

Attendance check for our Kapitbahays representing both Team Puti and Team Itim! We know this black-and-white moment is right up your alley. Kapitbahay Aizel Docog’s bathroom is a prime example of everything we adore — rocking the black, white, and minimalistic staple at Home Buddies.

Initially, the bathroom was a dull, plain white space with functional yet budget-friendly fixtures (that had a knack for breaking down every now and then, according to Kapitbahay Aizel). At last, the budget for a renovation fell into place, and Kapitbahay Aziel filled the space with monochromatic colors and stuck to the essentials. What followed, though simple and straightforward, was a total pasabog moment.

Pak Na Pak sa Patchwork 

Photo by Rachel-Rose Tolete

After serving the family for years, Kapitbahay Rachel-Rose Tolete’s master bathroom needed a fresh start. So, on their matriarch’s 60th birthday, they gifted her with a bathroom makeover. The result was a convenient, safe, and sparkling-clean banyo that ticked all the boxes for the perfect upgrade.

But the most striking and beautiful detail of them all is the patchwork tile wall. Paired with regal light colors and golds, sobrang princess na princess ang dating. Here’s to a bathroom fit for royalty — well-deserved ang glow-up!

Spa-ntasy at Home

Photo by Kathleen Quintal

Sauna? Sa bahay? You bet! We all look forward to relaxing after a long day of work, and achieve na achieve ni Kapitbahay Kathleen Quintal. Her bathroom is filled with soothing whites, gentle pinks, a lathering bathtub, and topped off with scented candles' soft glow (and smell). What else can you ask for, right?

Also, not to be enablers, but consider this our gentle nudge to treat yourself. You might think, for example, that a bathtub isn't the most practical fixture. But who cares? If swak sa budget, go for it! Surround yourself with flowers and candles, buy a bath bomb, and magbabad for hours. Your bathroom is your sanctuary, and you deserve all the pampering in the world.

Marble Majesty

Photo by Marfs Lee

Opulence ba kamo? Kapitbahay Marfs Lee’s bathroom is everything. From the marble tiles to the white-and-gray color scheme, everything here feels luxe. Even the laundry bins are well-thought-of — she uses rattan baskets for a totally chic and timeless look. 

We all know marble brings that instant kabog factor to everything. So, these tiles, coupled with truly unique fixtures — like a gilded sink — really give off royalty vibes. Here’s a bonus tip: Kapitbahay Marfs says she bought most of these budget-friendly items at Soler Manila. So, the next time you’re planning a trip for your big renovation project, don’t forget to head over there for some inspo.

Urban Makeover

Photo by Mark Albert

Nothing screams sleek more than an industrial design does, so Kapitbahay Mark Albert turned his bathroom into a total urban oasis. They converted the tub to a shower because a) it’s way more practical than baths, and b) mas gamitin for the dogs. (An important consideration, if you ask us.)

He shared that they used hexagonal floor tiles in the bathroom to create a memorable geometric pattern paired with classic subway tiles for that modern charm. To top it off, a free-standing grid panel serves as the shower door. Oh, ‘di ba, kunwari na lang you’re renting a thousand-dollar industrial penthouse in New York.

More Renovation Hacks with the Home Buddies Community

Every part of our home deserves the best. Kaya nga may makeover, right? And what better source of inspiration than our very own community? Forget those Pinterest boards — we’ve got the goods here. Our Kapitbahays are proof that most extraordinary designs and innovations may come from our own. After all, the best things in life are meant to be shared.

Handa ka na ba for more inspo? We’d love to be a part of your home projects, too. Join our Facebook group now and ready, set, renovate!

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